Event Management Hub - ConsultancyThe Event Management Hub is a key part of the activities of the Event Management Subject Group at Sheffield Hallam University where we have over 700 students studying event management and over 30 event experts who are part of our academic teaching team. Our tutors have worked in, and many still work, in the events industry outside of their teaching commitments. Therefore we are really well placed to support you and provide a very able and amenable university partner.


There are lots of commercial and non commercial opportunities for us to collaborate with you for mutual benefit. We have been doing this very successfully over the last 7 years with many organisations in the event world. The collaborations include;


  • Research collaboration – where students and / or tutors do research on behalf of your organisation
  • Partnering on particular modules that the students study – which can involve guest speaking, student visits, PR / CSR opportunity.
  • Consultancy – tutors undertake consultancy with event organisation or you may prefer groups of students to work with you.


BUT – it is not all about how we can benefit you. At the heart of our approach is to bring the ‘real world’ into the classroom and actually get the students out of the class room and into the ‘real world’. Involvement with event related organisations is hugely important to us in being the best we can be for our students.

Our UG and PG courses have over 30 different event related modules that we teach and the students study, additionally staff and students are committed outside of their formal commitments to work outside of the classroom in the ‘real’ event world. The opportunity to collaborate is therefore at the heart of what we do and if you have any ideas please get in touch – there are so many ways we can work together for the benefit of students, yourselves, and the university.