• The Event Management Hub Podcast

    EMH Podcast: Episode 2 – Studying Events Management

    Mark Norman and Phil Crowther return in the second episode of the Event Management Hub Podcast to discuss the world inside studying events management at Sheffield Hallam University. Gaining real-world experience is a key part of this and the Event Management Hub has been the key connection between the course … Read More

  • Events Management students onsite at Afterdark

    (Images: Yellow Bus Events) Learning about events in the classroom is one thing, but to get a real idea of scale and the complexities of how an event site works, it’s really key to see them in action. There is a major emphasis placed on employability and being industry-ready within … Read More

  • The Event Management Hub Podcast

    EMH Podcast: Episode 1 – What Is Event Design?

    We’re proud to launch our very own podcast featuring two of our teaching staff, Mark Norman and Dr Phil Crowther. Each episode we take a light-hearted look at a particular theme within the events industry and talk to guests about their own experiences. In the first episode, we talk event … Read More

  • Gaining experience in the ‘silly season’ will pay off in the future

    We are all settled into a autumnal weather, our new students are settling into university life and returning students are getting into the swing of lectures and seminars once again.  Whilst the outdoor events season has almost come to a close, for business events October and a November are two … Read More

  • Event Managers or Experience Designers?

        There is an important discussion going on (for those of us teaching events) which is about the balance between an ‘event management outlook‘ and an ‘event design view’.  It is important to students because it affects your modules, what you learn, and ultimately your success as event professionals. … Read More

  • MPI announces internship prize for Vanessa Cotton Scholarship Award 2017

    MPI UK&I are delighted to announce the 6th MPI Vanessa Cotton Scholarship, created in honour of UK event industry veteran Vanessa Cotton. The scholarship was created to recognise the industry’s brightest and most ambitious students, graduating from event management degrees and supporting their first step in to the meetings and … Read More

  • Sheffield Hallam Event Management

    Focusing your work experience

    Read most career advice aimed at university students and it will highlight a need for both an academic qualification plus relevant work experience. Typically the work experience will include a) a year-long industry placement b) short work experience opportunities that may form part of your course requirements c) other work … Read More

  • Can you become a competent Event Manager through University teaching alone

    Given that I’m a University lecturer, this might initially appear to be a controversial topic to be writing on a University blog, for University students to read – but please bear with me.   As most of you know, here at Sheffield Hallam University, we’re keen for our students to … Read More

  • Event Management Hub - Consultancy

    3 mistakes made when marketing events

    In our role as tutors here at Sheffield Hallam University, we support and assist students running their own events. What is often the cause of poor attendance at those events is down to how the event has been promoted and marketed. I spent over ten years working in the cut-throat … Read More

  • Sheffield Hallam Event Management

    Guidance and advice for new events management students

    The first week of anything is scary but the first week of university is an introduction and everyone is in the same boat as you. So the first piece of advice is not to worry! The tutors make it stress-free and all fun, so enjoy it. In the first few … Read More