• Holidays are coming!

    Yep, it’s that time of year – the stuff that retailers’ dreams are made on. The busiest time of the year starts earlier and earlier, and nowadays we also have to contend with that very American concept of “Black Friday”. A day of cut price promotions – and cut throat … Read More

  • Event Money Saving Tips

    Five Cost-Cutting Tips for Events

      1. Find at least 3 quotes for everything We’ve all been given this advice right?  But how many times do we actually follow it in practice?  It’s often much easier to go with your usual supplier and quite often you do manage to get discounts through loyalty and bulk … Read More

  • Event Management HUB

    Choosing the right CPD course for you

    When was the last time you stepped off the roller-coaster of event management, moving from one event to the next and took time to reflect upon your practice, and invest time in your own professional development? Even by just attending one of our courses, the reflection time is often invaluable … Read More

  • Technology can help you get people in the door and save time and money

    Sometimes technology can seem complicated but juggling excel sheets, email replies and printed invitations and tickets really can be a thing of the past if you know how to use technology in the right way. Eventbrite was set up in 2006 so that any event organiser big or small could … Read More

  • Free Tools for Event Planners

    What are the major challenges you face using technology for your events? We recently ran one of our industry workshops around how event managers use technology in the planning and management of events. As part of that session we looked at some of the free tools available to Event Managers, … Read More

  • Event Management Hub Volunteers

    Using student volunteers in your events

    Running events on a limited budget is never an easy task but there is a resource that you may not be aware of that can assist on many levels. Sheffield Hallam University has over 500 Event Management students who are eager and hungry for work experience. They are encouraged from … Read More

  • Event NFL Wembley

    American Football touches down in the UK

    This Sunday, American Football returns to Wembley Stadium in London for a third and final time this season, amidst a flurry of hype and publicity, as the so-called “America’s team” Dallas Cowboys ride into town to face Florida’s underperforming Jacksonville Jaguars. So what do you think about when I say … Read More

  • Bite Size CPD

    We figure, from talking to many event people, that their own development (what we call CPD), often gets forgotten in the eventful world of events. Now we have free events and also paid courses you can access, but we also have a solution that is even simpler than that. Each … Read More

  • wifi

    WiFi at events – utility or luxury, free or fee?

    As an academic and existing practitioner in events management, I am constantly reading and keeping up to speed with the many changes our industry goes through. My particular passion is corporate events and venue management and over the years worked in many venues and also sourced venues for my clients … Read More

  • Event Safety for Toddlers!

    During the summer of 2013, I managed a tour across 8 outdoor locations in the UK, which consisted of 18 live event days, total attendance at which surpassed 124,000 people. Locations ranged from Bangor in Northern Ireland to Maidstone in Kent, Falkirk in Scotland to Port Talbot in Wales, and … Read More