• wifi

    WiFi at events – utility or luxury, free or fee?

    As an academic and existing practitioner in events management, I am constantly reading and keeping up to speed with the many changes our industry goes through. My particular passion is corporate events and venue management and over the years worked in many venues and also sourced venues for my clients … Read More

  • Event Safety for Toddlers!

    During the summer of 2013, I managed a tour across 8 outdoor locations in the UK, which consisted of 18 live event days, total attendance at which surpassed 124,000 people. Locations ranged from Bangor in Northern Ireland to Maidstone in Kent, Falkirk in Scotland to Port Talbot in Wales, and … Read More

  • Yorkshire tourism

    British tourism at its peak

    With research showing the tourism industry brings about £1.6bn into the Yorkshire economy a year, leading national tourism experts have gathered in the Peak District National Park to discuss the future of tourism in the region.At a conference organised by the Centre for Tourism, Hospitality and Events Research at Sheffield … Read More