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Focusing your work experience

Read most career advice aimed at university students and it will highlight a need for both an academic qualification plus relevant work experience. Typically the work experience will include a) a year-long industry placement b) short work experience opportunities that may form part of your course requirements c) other work … Read More

Event Creation.. Outcome Obsessed

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  My experience of working in the events industry is that it offers a vibrant, gratifying, and fast moving livelihood.  Yet an underwhelming observation from my 20 years in events is that too many event creators, pigeonholed as organisers and coordinators, become obsessed with ‘to-do lists’ and gript by the … Read More

Choosing the right CPD course for you

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When was the last time you stepped off the roller-coaster of event management, moving from one event to the next and took time to reflect upon your practice, and invest time in your own professional development? Even by just attending one of our courses, the reflection time is often invaluable … Read More

Free Tools for Event Planners

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What are the major challenges you face using technology for your events? We recently ran one of our industry workshops around how event managers use technology in the planning and management of events. As part of that session we looked at some of the free tools available to Event Managers, … Read More

Bite Size CPD

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We figure, from talking to many event people, that their own development (what we call CPD), often gets forgotten in the eventful world of events. Now we have free events and also paid courses you can access, but we also have a solution that is even simpler than that. Each … Read More

Event Safety for Toddlers!

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During the summer of 2013, I managed a tour across 8 outdoor locations in the UK, which consisted of 18 live event days, total attendance at which surpassed 124,000 people. Locations ranged from Bangor in Northern Ireland to Maidstone in Kent, Falkirk in Scotland to Port Talbot in Wales, and … Read More

British tourism at its peak

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With research showing the tourism industry brings about £1.6bn into the Yorkshire economy a year, leading national tourism experts have gathered in the Peak District National Park to discuss the future of tourism in the region.At a conference organised by the Centre for Tourism, Hospitality and Events Research at Sheffield … Read More