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When was the last time you stepped off the roller-coaster of event management, moving from one event to the next and took time to reflect upon your practice, and invest time in your own professional development? Even by just attending one of our courses, the reflection time is often invaluable in thinking about your practice, discussing with other participants, and engaging with the instruction and ideas from the tutors.
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Legislation directly and indirectly affecting event safety is often changing, and event creators need to ensure they guarantee the success of their events and also protect themselves and their organisations. Our Event Safety Course provides participants with up to date instruction and training.
If you believe this course could be beneficial to you, click here to find out more.

Many event creators are thrown in at the deep end without training and previous experience, our Introduction to Event Management certificate is designed to provide key support and direction to these people, either just starting out creating and delivering events or have been doing it for much longer but feel they need some training. To find out more about this 2 day course, please click here.

Becoming a really effective leader in devising events and managing event teams is a key criteria for excellent event managers. We have a new course called Professional Practice (Event Leadership) which is taught at post graduate level but has very flexible delivery which is focussed on supporting people to become better event leaders, achieve better results for their events, and develop their careers. To gain that extra qualification and enhance your leadership skills, click here to find out more about this brand new course.

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