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We started delivering short, one day and two day, courses for industry professionals back in 2010. This is an area that we are very keen to develop much further. We currently can offer three short courses to support professionals in the events industry, providing you with learning and certification of that learning. It is important to remember that we are flexible in our approach to how we support you as organisations.

Any of our courses can be delivered on a bespoke basis to your organisation or association meaning that everything from delivery methods, materials, to the focus of the course can be reshaped to fit your needs.


As an event management educator with many hundreds of students, we have a great deal of materials and expertise across the breadth of the events area, and are therefore well placed to support you in a tailored manner.  Our courses area delivered on a closed basis for certain clients but more often they are open access such as the two that you will see advertised on this website;


Professional Practice (Event Leadership)

Event Safety Management (IOSH)


Research tells us that professionals in our industry want to underpin their experiential learning with relevant qualifications, BUT;


  • Time is precious and therefore the need is for short courses that are flexible in their delivery
  • Budgets are often challenging and it can be hard to justify the investment
  • Learning needs to be ‘real world’ and immediately applicable to the ‘day job’
  • Tutors and facilitators need to be familiar with industry and not just academia
  • On line materials are great but they must be hand in hand with face to face / personal contact and discussion.


Our courses have been developed in that spirit.


The prices of the courses ranges from £120 up to £1695, this variation is deliberate as we are committed to providing learning opportunity for those professionals in situations where monies are extremely tight.  We anticipate these courses will grow in the next 2-5 years, and would value any view you have as to the types of courses we should develop and promote.   If one or more of the courses fits your need then that is perfect, but if not and you are interested in attending a course of some sort, please do contact us and discuss that need, we might not be able to help in the short term, but may be able to signpost something else or even develop the provision you are looking for if the demand is there.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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