EMH Podcast: Episode 1 – What Is Event Design?

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We’re proud to launch our very own podcast featuring two of our teaching staff, Mark Norman and Dr Phil Crowther. Each episode we take a light-hearted look at a particular theme within the events industry and talk to guests about their own experiences. In the first episode, we talk event design and how research in this area impacts on the events we see around us. What is value and how defining objectives before the event is a critical part of success. Phil has authored several papers and a book in this area and it form an integral part of teaching in the final year of our courses.

You can contact us by email, we’d love to hear your feedback: eventhub@shu.ac.uk


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Mark Norman
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Senior Lecturer in Events Management

I lead on the administration for the Event Management Hub website alongside teaching modules including; Festivals and Outdoor Events, Event Law and Risk Management and The Live Tourism Event