Guidance and advice for new events management students

The first week of anything is scary but the first week of university is an introduction and everyone is in the same boat as you. So the first piece of advice is not to worry! The tutors make it stress-free and all fun, so enjoy it. In the first few weeks you get handed a lot of information and in the long run it is useful, so secondly write everything down, you’ll then have all the information you need to start the great events management student journey.

You will be tempted to party 24/7 but you need to concentrate on your work some times, and alongside work you need think about employability. You can’t leave employability till the last day; you need it in your mind from day one!

This leads onto the main piece of guidance I would give a new events student, take any and every opportunity given. Try and gain as much experience as possible in the field you want to go into because it will give you more of a chance to get your dream job in the event industry. This will also give you a greater advantage when applying for placements and jobs. With this I also suggest going to every workshop to help with your development for future employability or academia. (Look out for the Event Management Hub events)

Take advantage of meeting with tutors, they are there to help you and can only give the best information so use all the resources you can and make the most of what you are entitled to!

A great app for students to have is LinkedIn; it is a brilliant way to connect with useful industry contacts. Build the connections while you are at university, so once you are ready to leave you have a link to organisations which might be interested in employing you.

Hopefully this will help new students! University isn’t a scary place and the course is a great course and you can create so much from it! Manage your time and enjoy it as it will flyby!

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Charlotte Corker
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Senior Lecturer in Events Management, Course Leader for International Events Management (Arts & Entertainment, Tourism and Experiential Marketing)