Student money week event coordinator

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Sheffield Hallam University

It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.

Charles A. Jaffe

Have you got what it takes to make money skills exciting?

Are you friendly, positive and confident?

Are you looking for a self-managed project that you make your own with minimal supervision?

The Student Funding Team has a rare and exciting opportunity to bring money skills to life, while working with other students to help them manage their money better.

This opportunity is open to level 5 students to run specific events throughout the academic year, to promote the use of Blackbullion, which is an online free resource for students to get them thinking about money habits from undergraduate to postgraduate study and beyond.

Being good with money is a life skill, just like knowing about good nutrition, exercise or looking after your mental health. In fact, money worries can affect your mental health and if you’re feeling low it can be harder to deal with any money issues – it can be a vicious circle!

What’s in it for you?

It is a voluntary position to gain valuable experience running your own events with the added benefit of putting your own stamp on Blackbullion’s campaigns!

Events range from a single day to a whole week.  Whether you commit to one, two or more events, we have flexible opportunities to work on your own or be part of a team.

Each event has a money ‘theme’ and digital and promotional resources are provided.  We encourage your own creative thoughts on promoting the use of Blackbullion allowing your knowledge of events and engaging people to be put into practice!

It’s essential that you communicate well; you need to be positive, enthusiastic and passionate about helping students feel better and do better with their money management.

The planning of the event is unpaid but the delivery of the week’s activities is PAID hours to be agreed.

What’s the next steps?

Please register your interest by using the apply button with your name, student ID number and potential commitment. We will contact you with further information.

If you want to find out more about Blackbullion before you contact us please register with them here to have a look at their content and also check out their Instagram and Twitter for more info too!

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