Terms and Conditions for posting an opportunity on The Events Management Hub Website


The organisation: You, your company/organisation

Opportunity: The opportunity you are offering whether that is unpaid work (volunteering) or paid work.

  • Due to the varied interests of our students we cannot guarantee uptake of all opportunities, we will of course help organisations the best we can but we cannot guarantee students to an organisation.
  • Please note that Sheffield Hallam University is an inclusive organisation and we encourage the organisations we work with to be inclusive too.
  • The student’s Health and Safety and welfare whilst working/volunteering with an organisation is the responsibility of the organisation.
  • Students must only be given tasks which they are qualified to undertake. E.g. Students should not be asked to undertake activities such as rigging unless the organisation have trained them with the relevant qualification or the student already possess the qualification.
  • Students volunteering/working should be covered by the organisation’s insurance and public liability insurance.
  • It is the responsibility of the organisation to check any qualification required is valid.
  • Sheffield Hallam University will not cover any costs associated with an organisation taking on a student.
  • No costs can be reclaimed against Sheffield Hallam University by an organisation offering work/volunteering experience.
  • We encourage organisations to treat our students the same as an organisation’s other volunteers/workers and are therefore covered by an organisations legal policies such as insurance and follow their procedures for procedures such as expenses, absence, timekeeping, etc.
  • We ask that organisation’s offer students a meaningful experience and they try where possible to offer students insight into the industry and/or organisation.
  • An organisation must not exploit students or put students in dangerous or uncomfortable roles.
  • An organisation must not jeopardise the student’s or university’s reputation.
  • All opportunity postings have to be approved by a member of staff at Sheffield Hallam University. Sheffield Hallam University retains the right to reject any opportunities they do not see as appropriate/may put students in danger/jeopardise the student’s or university’s reputation.
  • Sheffield Hallam University reserves the right at any time to withdraw opportunities or students without any notice opportunities they feel may be dangerous, inappropriate, or jeopardises the student’s or university’s reputation.
  • Organisations advertising on the Event Management Hub have the responsibility to abide by all COVID-19 government guidance and ensure that students are working in a safe environment as possible.
  • All organisation advertising on the event management hub or to events students have the responsibility to abide by all COVID-19 government guidance.
If you do not agree to all the above terms and conditions please do not post an opportunity.
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