Technology can help you get people in the door and save time and money

Sometimes technology can seem complicated but juggling excel sheets, email replies and printed invitations and imagesCAQU1RVPtickets really can be a thing of the past if you know how to use technology in the right way.

Eventbrite was set up in 2006 so that any event organiser big or small could access the same tools that big venues and conferences were using. It’s self-service so it means that you can manage your event through the website and decide on how it looks, the ticket types, promotions, invitations. Everything is in one dashboard and you can give access to multiple users so you can share the responsibility of running your events.

The most important things to focus on when you’re running an event is actually getting people along and providing them with a great experience. That’s why using technology that helps you to achieve those things is really important, especially as competition for people’s time is fierce and budgets are tight.

Here are my top tips on using technology to get people along to your event and giving them an experience to remember.

Make it easy for people to get tickets

People expect to be able to get tickets online and from their phone so you need to be able to offer that option. Using the Eventbrite plugins on your own website also means that the process is seamless and completely in-keeping with your brand.

Activate your own network

Your contacts and partners are likely to be your biggest advocates in spreading the word so think about setting up an affiliate programme as a way to incentivise and reward them. You could also set up tracking links for specific people and partners so you can see which relationships are having the most impact on ticket sales. For influencers that you really want to be there give them a discount code for the event.

Make the most of social channels

Eventbrite’s recent social commerce report found that on average it takes 3 tweets or 4 Facebook shares to sell an additional ticket. At the event you can also use a hashtag, have strong visuals at the venue that people want to share, and post on your own social channels to raise awareness.

Get them in the door quickly

You can use the free Eventbrite organiser app to manage entry at the door; and let your attendees know that they can access their ticket from the free Eventbrite attendee app so that they have all the details they need in the palm of their hand.

Give them an experience to remember

People will start to form an opinion of your event the moment they consider going and a positive experience will keep them coming back. Whilst you’re taking care of the finer details, make sure your attendees have access to customer support, Eventbrite has 24/7 support on phone and email. This also means that you have someone to ask any time of day or night if you need help with the tools.

Bethan Thomas, UK Senior Communications Manager at Eventbrite

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