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SHU Event Management students volunteering at the Tour de France opening ceremony at Leeds Arena (July 2014)
Running events on a limited budget is never an easy task but there is a resource that you may not be aware of that can assist on many levels.

Sheffield Hallam University has over 500 Event Management students who are eager and hungry for work experience. They are encouraged from the very start of their first year to secure 10 hours a week relevant experience and in the second year they study a work experience module where they must obtain 120 hours experience in industry with a view to them also engaging in networking and positively developing CV content.

Of course all students are individual in their motivations, interests, and experiences but in my teaching of the above module I have worked with ‘employers’ in achieving the ability to appeal to right student for the right role. I also run an intranet student page that all students have access to and this acts as a blog where I post all the roles available along with contact details. These vary incredibly and cover all sectors but most importantly they are worded concisely to ensure the suitable candidates come forward. From Le Grand Depart to a community fun run, Macmillan Cancer Support to Live Nation. Over the last few years we have successfully accessed 1000s of valuable volunteering hours ranging from stewarding to marketing, stage building to event conceptions, there are students to cover all bases. Many of our students have either continued the relationship after the course or indeed become employed by the host organisation in true testament to great working relationship that may be of interest to you.

In the discussion, during the event on 22nd January we can discuss the opportunities and challenges of recruiting and managing volunteers and look forward to a positive and constructive discussion. Students just like event professionals have demands upon their lives and by working together the partnerships and budget saving benefits can be achieved with success for all. I look forward to meeting attendees at the event, if you are not attending but want to chat please email me at


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